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WMF Programat GV

From 0 to 1000 cups within one hour!

Fully automatic quantity brewing machine for filter coffee and hot water.

The preparation of coffee is a special art even with small quantities. The right dosing of ground coffee and water as well as preferably short intervals between preparation and consumption ensure a good coffee flavour. In case large quantities are needed, the coffee quality often “falls by the wayside”.

But not with the WMF Programat GV!

The secret of fresh coffee pleasure
even in large quantities...
... cost reduction included!

Whenever large quantities of coffee and hot water are needed in the shortest possible time, the WMF Programat GV is the best choice.

At the push of a button 2 coffee varieties can be prepared in variable brewing quantities of 1.5 l – 100 l. The coffee is brewed either into a pot or into a storage container. Two hot plates allow for the storage in glass pots.

Mobile trolleys allow to prepare the coffee where and when it is needed. This means shorter standing times and thus fresh coffee.

A reliable hygiene is guaranteed by the fully automatic cleaning program.

Better coffee quality
with reduced operating expenses... 
is this possible at all?

Yes, it is!

It was our goal to combine a better coffee quality
and lower operating expenses in one coffee machine.

The WMF Programat GV is the product of this successful symbiosis.

The WMF Programat GV reduces the period between preparation and output of coffee.

Instead of paper filter the WMF Programat GV uses
a micro-fine strainer made of stainless steel.



WMF Programat GV
New & Refurbished
at wholesale prices